Burglar alarm: a complex system by ERLUX at Naldi Carpenterie

March 12, 2020

Naldi Carpenterie is one of those local companies that maintain highest values of Romagna industriousness and entrepreneurship. Born in the mid-70’s as a craft company in the field of metal structures manufacturing for livestock farming, now it has become a huge industrial group with more than 60 employees and it has expanded its scope to stairs, attics, commercial and industrial buildings. It operates all over Italy, taking care of customized architectural projects as well.

Naldi Carpenterie story has much in common with ERLUX’s in terms of products and services development and innovation. It is therefore only normal for the two companies to team up on several fronts.

Besides working together for the same clients in multiple occasions, Naldi has recently charged ERLUX with setting a complex burglar alarm system to protect its own headquarter located just off Predappio that covers an area of 20.000 square meters, of which 10.000 used as parking lot, 10.000 used as workshop and 350 used as offices.

“The system we have set up includes first of all the automatic control of employees’ access to the business premises (hall, walkways, workshop and offices), via proximity badge. Each badge has its own serial number and takes into account the employees’ need to access (or not to access) to the different business premises, according to their role and function. Moreover, the system we have designed and installed includes all the latest safety devices to protect the entire building and avoid unwanted intrusions. Finally, we have completely renewed the video surveillance system, by installing 18 cameras in the outer perimeter. It is possible to consult the records from the control room or via mobile app”, explains Alberto Monti, ERLUX project manager.

Simultaneously with the burglar alarm installation, ERLUX techs have also installed a powerful WIFI system to serve Naldi’s innovative machinery for carpentry. This peculiarity projects the company led by Natale Naldi towards the modern concepts of Industry 4.0. “I have worked with 4 techs, the foreman Maurizio Masotti and the special installations manager Giancarlo Rossi. It took only two weeks to ERLUX team to complete the whole installation.” – concludes Alberto Monti.