Erlux is partner of a green building renovation project in Bologna

March 22, 2016

In the historic center of Bologna, in the Monticelli street, a residential building is in the process of being restored in line with the Italian CasaClima protocol , which promotes the quality of energy recovery of existing buildings and anticipates Directive 2010/31 / EU on new “near-zero energy” buildings (Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) buildings).

In detail the condominium has the following features:
– the structure has been consolidated according to the anti-seismic regulations for new buildings,
– the roof has been redone with natural materials also for insulations, steam barriers, by inserting self-cleaning, motorized velux and with rain sensor;
– the exterior and interior walls have been insulated to guarantee a high performance housing and exclude heat dispersions;
– The systems are of the latest generation, incorporating a controlled mechanical ventilation system that prevents moisture, condensation, mold, with heat recovery up to 94%;
– heating and cooling are done by irradiation with floor systems, for a constant programmable temperature for each room and ensuring the cellar effect in summer, and are powered by solar and photovoltaic energy placed on the roof.

Simone Rossini, in full compliance with the CasaClima protocol, explains “we have taken care of the realization of electrical systems, the alarm system, the videophone and the satellite TV system, also implementing home automation solutions for the Integrated and automated management of the facilities in the building: the work was coordinated by our worker Gianluca Masotti . ”

This type of green restore has received very positive results and appreciations, in terms of purchasing interest, from an increasingly addressing towards environmental sustainability and the search for a building that enhances the energy saving and health of a property .