Home Automation ERLux, technology and innovation at home

March 17, 2017

ERLux reaffirms its professionalism in the implementation of civil engineering activities, characterized by innovation criteria and technologies, for the energy efficiency as well as domestic functionality. One of the most recent examples of this philosophy is certainly the curated design inside an important villa, built on three floors, surrounded in the beautiful nature of the hills.

“This home – explains Andrea Zanetti , partner of ERLux, and the head of construction site – is full of technology and energy efficiency systems: in fact, we have realized a photovoltaic system with power of 15 Kwatt and installed a system heat pumps, as well as having all the electrical system, the switch boards, the alarms and the video surveillance cameras. Then, in particular, the home automation elements in the house, are built on the KNX system, one of the most reliable platforms on the market: in each floor there’s a touch screen, which can be used to control lighting, manage the Thermoregulation, monitoring the image of the cameras and managing the photovoltaic system. In addition, all features can also be implemented by smartphones, using the App.

For these reasons ERLux confirms the company’s ability to look beyond and anticipate the times of innovation and the strong propensity to advanced technologies.