Hybrid photovoltaic systems: technological innovation

May 6, 2016

Ever since they appeared on the market, photovoltaic systems have reached important evolutions with regard to the quality of the materials and the level of performance they are able to assure.
Erlux has long since married the philosophy of qualitative panel quality, marketing only products signed by the German manufacturer Solar World , which is an authorized partner for the Italian market. In addition to valuable materials, Erlux has, in line with its mission to constantly innovate, has recently taken care of solutions that have high levels of technology applied to photovoltaic.
“This is the case – says Luigino Pasquale , a company technician – of a hybrid implant that we are finishing on the roof of a condominium in the locality of Vecchiazzano (near Forlì): it is a solution of 12 kwatts of power where, under the panels, a coil is fitted, powered by a pump system, which exchanges water with a hydraulic manifold. This particular conformation provides two important benefits: on the one hand, it guarantees the necessary cooling of the photovoltaic modules, especially in the summer, optimizing their performance levels; on the other hand, it offers hot water for household uses of housing units, to the extent that it would guarantee a Solar thermal system “.
This is a project that confirms Erlux’s research of innovative systems that favor low environmental impact and at the same time guarantee high levels of energy efficiency combined with significant savings on utilities: the realization of this particular photovoltaic plant is Has been coordinated, in addition to the already mentioned Luigino Pasquale , also by the head designer Lucian Barac .