Erlux, Softer partner for automation and lighting projects

June 15, 2016

For over 6 months, a team of Erlux engineers has been involved in various works in Softer , a company in Forlì, that’s a world leader in the production of products such as technopolymer used in automotive, household, construction, footwear and sports.

Erlux’s involvement in Softer has involved several expansion of the business premises. First of all, inside a new shelter of remarkable dimensions, led lighting (indoor and outdoor), switchboards and electrical installations, fire-fighting system and emergency system were realized: some of these processes have been Implemented, considering the size of the area, with the help of elevating platforms up to a height of 16 meters.

Other works have been carried out within the large oil storage syloses: in this case, electrical engineering has been expanded and automation systems have been developed with innovative software. The Erlux intervention also involved the nylon processing area called “Poliemmide”, which was substantially expanded, in which an existing electrical system was integrated and the heat detection system was implemented, Through probes capable of detecting the temperature of the oils.

Finally, the most scenic work, involves the restoration of a large former ENI tower (picture), which, having been lowered from 35 to 25 meters in height, has been equipped with a new crown on which are fixed 8 headlamps 400 watts each (power equivalent to 1000 watts in traditional headlights), which provide excellent lighting for the squares and outdoor areas of the plants.

The Erlux staff, involved in this important work, was coordinated by Ricardo Raczek, Emanuele Senni Alessandro Billi and Salvatore De Stefano