New life at the bridge over the Rigossa river in Gambettola

June 15, 2016

The bridge over the Rigossa river, located in the central Buozzi street, will be inaugurated at 11.00 pm on Wednesday, June 11, after a substantial restoration work. The event will be attended by the mayor of Gambettola Roberto Sanulli , the designer Leopoldo Raffoni and the president of the Consortium of Bonification Roberto Brolli : guest of honor of the event will be Stefano Bonacini , president of the Emilia Romagna Region.

The work, entrusted by the town council to the Coromano company, saw a strong involvement of ER Lux , who has been involved in all lighting of the bridge. In detail, 6 poles have been installed with LED lighting and 8 light points (always led) are harmoniously inserted in iron balustrade. The work was coordinated by the technicians Antonio Facchino and Salvatore De Stefano .