Pachamama: ERLUX partner of the first passive house project

March 22, 2016

The Pachamama project, followed by Daniele Bartoli, is one of the first examples in Italy of totally self-sufficient housing on the energy level. This house, which is located in the cesenate district on the hills of Roncofreddo, has been designed and constructed with a series of peculiarities that make it truly unique, on which the contribution made by ERLUX in terms of implemented works is relevant.
Here are the main characteristics of the building:
·         The exterior and interior structure of the building is entirely wood with X-LAM technology
·         The cover is made of aluminum sheet with a predisposition for photovoltaic panels
·         A natural wood coat of 26 cm thick has been made
·         The heating is floor heating and powered by heat pumps
·         Plasterboard walls and dry substrates with Fermacell technology have a high insulating power
·         A photovoltaic plant with accumulator batteries will be installed
·         Solar thermal panels will be installed for the production of hot water
·         The management of lights, the thermoregulation and the whole building will be managed by a home automation system
·         The domotic control of the mechanical ventilation for air recirculation is provided, through CO2 detectors
·         In the future there is the possibility to install a micro-helium plant on the roof.

Erlux has taken care of very important parts of this innovative project, which is currently in the advanced stage of development: our staff has been involved in the realization of the electrical system, the automation of thermal management, the home automation system, the alarm system and Short will realize the photovoltaic system with accumulation accumulators: the yard was managed by the engineer Simone Rossini , assisted by the worker Luca Piovacari.