E.R. LUX is the creation of an entrepreneur, 100% Italian, who works with  intense passion and with a great understanding  for  technological innovation, within a sector, like that of energy, which nowadays addresses the challenge of environmental sustainability along with energetic efficiency.
In order to be competitive and obtain this goal, E.R. LUX has invested in a continuous formative process, achieving the highest levels of professionality amongst its employees, thanks to which, it has established a reputation of the highest levels not only in Italy but also in Europe.
Therefore the market has appraised this approach to business, in so much as E.R. LUX has attained, in the most recent years, giant steps in terms of growth within its business, evolving from a lively artisan trade to a dynamic  industrial company, capable of investing in technological processes, in order  to progress on the side of innovation and offer our clientele, avant-guard solutions, before and better than our competitors.

Professionally prepared, with an average age of about 35, it is the team of E.R. LUX which is the real value of the company. Every day our technicians work very hard within their respective fields in order to satisfy clients’ needs, offering services of quality and suggesting innovative solutions for both an efficient and correct understanding of energy in civil and industrial confinements or within public facilities and practices.
Our methodology of operations starts from our desire to excel in every single aspect of the energy supply chain, starting with the initial design from the internal office of technicians to the phases of installation by teams of specialized technicians to a highly efficient service of assistance and maintenance in post installation/set-up.