Electrical, mechanical and special systems at Amadori group

March 12, 2020

In Italy, Amadori is synonym for Romagna’s skilled entrepreneurship and ability of turning a little manufacturing company into an industrial giant. In fact, Amadori has got ahead since it was founded in 1969: it was only one among many local poultry-processing plants at that time, while today it is a national and international leader in the agro-food sector. Just think that the group has more than 7.500 employees and exceeds 1.200 million turnover, with 30% market share of the total national poultry meat production.

Of course, ERLUX is proud of collaborating with this agro-food group, which proves ERLUX to be a reliable and professional partner. The staff canteen of the factory based in Cesena has been recently renovated and ERLUX was involved as regards electro-mechanical and special systems renovation.

“We took care of all electrical systems installation, the LED lighting project, the wiring systems for driving force and for special systems linked with the dispatch and the Wi-Fi, so that the employees can freely connect to the Internet during lunch break. As for mechanical systems, we set all the connections of the heating system and their fan coils. Moreover, we took care of the electrical connections of the irrigation system at the service of the outdoor green areas”, explains Ricardo Rackzec, sales manager of the company.

It was, therefore, a prestigious contract both for the client reputation and for the forces put in place: the activities at the Amadori canteen lasted two months and engaged a 3-people team coordinated by the site technical Denise Sauchelli, the foreman Senad Shabani, supervised by the aforementioned Rackzec.