ERLUX 2020 Calendar: inspiring and “genial” energies

March 12, 2020

The publication of ERLUX New Year calendar is now a well-established tradition. The calendar is a very useful tool that fulfils its natural function but also aims, due to its particular content, for communicating important and strategic values about the way of doing business.

ERLUX communication manager Francesco Colombo claims: “The 2020 calendar is in accordance with the reasons that motivate us to work hard every day. We strongly focus on innovation and on the search of new opportunities concerning energy and communication technology. That is why we decided to commemorate, one per month, the “genial energies” of the historical figures who have marked the universal progress with their creativity and inventiveness and have interested very closely our industry. These personalities of a more or less distant past still light our way and encourage us to always look ahead and anticipate the technological evolution.

ERLUX 2020 calendar specifically presents the following personalities: Luigi Galvani (the pioneer of bio electromagnetics), Alessandro Volta (the inventor of the electric battery), Alexander Bain (who patented the first fax machine), Antonio Meucci (who developed a voice communication apparatus), Antonio Pacinotti (who invented an improved form of direct-current electrical generator, or dynamo), Thomas Alva Edison (credited with the invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb), George Westinghouse (the inventor of the railway air brake), Guglielmo Marconi (known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission), Georges Claude (noted for the invention and commercialization of neon lighting), Nick Holonyak Jr. (noted for the invention of a light-emitting diode, or LED), Martin Cooper (pioneer in the wireless communications industry and inventor of the first mobile phone) and Tim Berners Lee (the inventor if the World Wide Web).

Another 2020 Calendar added value is provided by the graphic creative elements inspired by Pop Art and attributable to the genius of Andy Warhol, the most representative of the artistic movement. This aspect testifies that ERLUX shows interest in the expressions of the human genius, which marked the cultural and artistic history of the whole world.

ERLUX president Emanuele Rinieri observes: “The 2020 Calendar accompanies us in the 24th year of our activity, which I thinks is our professional maturity stage. However, 2020 is also the year of “Change”, which we intend as an organization innovation. Our aim is to become more and more efficient towards our clients, providing useful solutions and new products that could help them feel more comfortable at home and save energy. This in view of a coming achievement: the 25th anniversary from our foundation. We will celebrate with proud and emotion with all the people and companies that have contributed and supported our business activities”.