Forlì International Airport renovation: ERLUX will be on the front line

March 12, 2020

aeroporto ridolfi

One of the most important and strategic facilities in Forlì area is undoubtedly Luigi Ridolfi Airport, a branch of the Aeronautical Technologial Centre, as the Aeronautical Technical Institute “Francesco Baracca”, the Second cycle degree in Aerospace Engineering – University of Bologna (Forlì Campus) and the ENAV Accademy, a recognized Centre of Excellence in Aviation Training for all the players of the Air Transport Industry.

After the well-known events that led to the closure of Forlì Airport several years ago and the consequent weakening of the Aeronautical Technological Centre, the fact that the company F.A. srl, set up by a group of Romagna entrepreneurs of proven experience and solidity, have won the EU tender for the airport management, is a source of pride for the whole Romagna community, who already glimpse of crucial economic and touristic developments for the benefit of the whole area.

“We are involved in this great project – states Andrea Zanetti, responsible for ERLUX intervention – regarding all electrical systems in the commercial and passenger areas and the inner airport facilities. We put a 20-people team on the ground, coordinated by the foreman Simone Massa, who will be working at Forlì airport for three months. Well, when planes can fly to/from Forlì again, we will then have the satisfaction of saying that ERLUX has done its bit for this strategic project. It will be decisive for the development of the whole region, that is why I can say it is a priceless satisfaction”.