Home automation

Home Automation Solutions in Forlì

Aware of the many different living needs, we aim to integrate the various systems in order to convey safety, comfort, quality of life, as well as an easy use of the system.


Control and management of all types of lamps (incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED), interface with the various DMX DALI RGB communication protocols.
Possibility to customize the lighting atmosphere anytime and everywhere in the various rooms to read, dine, watch TV, or for any pleasant moment to spend at home.


Centralised control and management of rolling shutters, blinds, driveway gates, pedestrian gates, external blinds, screens.
Automatic protection against weather conditions (shutter closing in case of rain), darkening of windows/glass in case of direct sunlight.

Room Temperature Management

Heating management for each area and/or room at time bands and/or in the presence of one or more people.
Achieving a climate that is suitable for healthy rest by reducing heating at night.
Automatic reduction of the room temperature in case of open windows and/or when there are no people in the house.

Cost Control

Reduced energy consumption, managing the necessary power at all times.
Programming and management of the shutdown of a household appliance in the event of power overload to prevent the supply from being interrupted.

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