Design and Construction
of Photovoltaic Systems in Forlì


Producing energy from the sun and the photovoltaic systems is a guarantee of elevated efficiency as we are in the presence of an unlimited source and totally free from any kind of air pollution. Photovoltaic technology transforms solar energy using the well-known features of silicon.

Usually the systems can be divided into 2 types:

stand alone: systems that produce energy directly on site, not connected to any distribution network.
grid connect: systems connected to a distribution network and managed by third parties.

The E.R. Lux photovoltaic modules are the essence of the system as their exposition to solar radiation determines the production of electric energy.

The module is composed of silicon, which, suitably treated, results in the conversion of light energy into electric energy. They are composed by cells, which can be made of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin film silicon. These various types of cells differ in many ways, the most obvious ones being the exterior appearance and the efficiency. The structure of the system can be of various types, hot galvanized steel, or aluminium. Then anchors or ballasts are installed on the surface. The technician will study the best orientation and inclination in relation to the surface.

The inverter is another indispensable tool for the photovoltaic system, as it allows the conversion from direct current to alternating current with a frequency of 50HZ. The inverters are equipped with interface protection devices that allow the system to be shut down in the event of a power failure or network disturbance.

The control system communicates with the inverter, this equipment keeps the proper functioning of the system under control. With the help of a PC, one can display quantities on luminous displays/screens and record measurements.



ECONOMIC: sustaining one’s own energy consumption allows to save money in the medium term compared to the traditional energy supply system.
ECOLOGICAL: the use of renewable energy sources allows to significantly reduce the ecological impact, reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
ENERGETIC: the ownership of a system allows to achieve self-sufficiency through self-consumption and to produce a quantity of energy able to cover the energy needs simply by exploiting a clean and unlimited source of energy.


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